City seeking input for the design of new Silas Bradley Park

The City is looking for your help to design a new park in Stittsville South. Silas Bradley Park is a proposed new park in Tartan Homes’ new EdenWylde subdivision. The park will be almost two hectares at the intersection of Hickstead and Orvieto ways, next to the hydro corridor.

You can help by giving your feedback on the park’s final design details and recreation amenities, which you can find below. The proposed amenities were chosen to complement two other proposed parks in the area that the City is currently planning: Howard A. Maguire Park and Ray McCaffrey Park.

(City of Ottawa rendering of the facilities planned for Silas Bradley Park. Photo: City of Ottawa.)

To find out more on the City concept visit here. Send your feedback to Mike Russett, Park Planner and Project Manager, by email at by January 17th.


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