City staff asks Minto for more traffic data for Potter’s Key

Sign for Minto's Potter's Key neighbourhood

Here’s an update from Councillor Shad Qadri on Minto’s proposed Potter’s Key development.

Discussions have continued with City staff, Minto Homes and myself regarding the proposed Potter’s Key residential subdivision to be located the communities of Jackson Trails and Echowoods.

City staff have provided a summary letter with an overall status update of various issues of concern to the community surrounding Potters Key.  In addition to this information City staff have requested that Minto provide the following items over the next several weeks:

  • License plate survey of traffic passing through Lloydalex and echowoods to determine current shortcutting issues.
  • Review of other subdivisions with a similar mix of units to determine and “real world test” the trip generation rates as used in the traffic analysis for potters key.
  • Review of similar collector road situations in the City with traffic volumes similar to those forecast for Kimpton and Echowoods.

In addition staff will be reviewing requirements for future traffic impacts including measures to limit short-cutting, traffic calming on Kimpton, and any on and off site traffic improvements necessary to mitigate any impact from the increased volume.

In addition, staff are continuing to work on other elements of the plan, including park design and selection of unit types within the plan, including those backing along Overland.

The fact that the proposed development is still missing a direct connection to Hazeldean Road is still a major concern and I will be continuing to pursue this item further with City Staff and Minto Homes.

For more information on this proposed development please visit my website here .


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