Co-Prez elections take place at Sacred Heart High School

(Sacred Heart High School has two new Co-Presidents. Elected on May 17th are Jabari Khamba (l) and Tommy Chan (r). There were five students in the running. Photos: Jack Bayley, Stittsville Central)

This past week at Sacred Heart High School, the Co-Prez elections took place. Five candidates ran for the two positions: Lisa Tir, Tommy Chan, Jabari Khamba, Evan Lecours, and Avery Laprade. The Co-Prez roles entail being a representative from the student body advocating for change they would like to see in the school. This includes proposing ideas for new sports teams, theme days, and events. Only two of these great candidates would take home the title of Co-Prez but I wanted to take a look at each one of them to see their platform and what they could bring to the table.

Starting off with Lisa Tir, she is a 90’s honor roll student at the school along with being a Relay For Life team captain and a member of the student council. Her platform centered around bringing back school spirit in a big way. Some events Lisa would want to bring to Sacred include a spring fair, shrove (pancake) Tuesday, and a winter formal. “If you’re looking for a top-tier year vote for Lisa Tir”.

(Three of the candidates for the Co-Prez positions at Sacred Heart. l-r: Lisa Tir, Evan Lecours and Tommy Chan. Tommy won one of the Co-Prez positions.)

Next up we have Tommy Chan, he also finds himself on the honor roll and is one of the most involved students in the school – most known for being one-half of the announcement team that does joke Thursday and motivational Monday. Tommy looks to bring many new events and spirit day to the school giving it a shake-up from what has been the norm in the past few years. “If you’re looking for a man with a plan then Tommy Chan is the one you should vote for”.

Jabari Khamba is our next candidate, he is known for being one of the most outward-speaking and knowledgeable students when it comes to his religious beliefs. Jabari helps out at the church every weekend and is sure to be willing to sit down with anyone and talk about the bible. You are sure to see Jabari roaming throughout the halls dressed to the nines often seen wearing at least dress pants and a collared shirt every day. He plans to finally bring a football team to the school as well as creating a brand new cricket team. “So don’t be sorry, vote for Jabari”.

Evan Lecours is another candidate running to be Sacred’s next Co-Prez. Evan was built to be a politician and strives to be one in the future. In his free time he has helped out with the Conservative party and our local representative Goldie Ghamari and he has also spoken in the Canadian House of Commons. He looks to advocate for better bussing within the school boundary, a major problem most students face. If you like Evan then you should give him your vote and “Let Him Cook”.

(Both Avery Laprade and Jabari Khamba were also candidates. Jabari went on to win one of the Co-Prez positions.)

The last candidate running is Avery Laprade. Avery is new to the school; however, she has already made a big impact in her short time here getting involved in many programs and events across the school. Her large resumé at Sacred includes being the president and founder of the athletic council, MC for both the variety and grad Oscar shows, marketing lead for the Sacred Instagrams, and much more. Her plans include creating events such as fright night and movie night. She also looks to create new clubs like a podcasting and crafting club. “So don’t be sad, vote for Laprade”.

After the Friday election, the students of Sacred Heart spoke and elected both Tommy Chan and Jabari Khamba. Both students look to make a difference at Sacred for the upcoming school year. Congratulations to Jabari and Tommy!


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