Comments of the week: Turtles, Carp River, Huntmar/Maple Grove, Aperitivo, Glen Eden

Comments of the Week

Every week we get lots of comments from our readers on our web site, via email, and social media.  Here’s a sample of what we heard this week.  Add your thoughts to the comments at the bottom of this article or email

Re: Turtles hatch at Stitt Street Park

Belinda Zehrt: “Put a smile on my face … Thank you so much for the pics and this great story.”

Carol Throop: “Hurray for the Torres family. We need more lovely people like these.”

Margaret Drennan: “To the Torres family and all the good neighbours who helped with this effort.”

Michele Roth: “Thats amazing! Just walked past the park tonight wondering if the turtles survived.”

Suzanne Hiron: “Wonderful news. Glad the protected area stayed protected to allow these little guys a chance.”

Karla Torres: “Thanks so much for everyone that helped and cheered for this story have a happy ending.”


Re: Something fishy with Carp River pathway plan, say observers

Ian White: “City Engineer J. Harkness repeatedly warned Kanata Council of these problems in the 1970s and 1980s. They repeatedly ignored his advice, probably due to pressure from developers. Eventually he became so fed up with his professional advice being ignored that he took early retirement (or was he pushed into it?). He has since died. May he Rest in Peace.”


Re: Third year’s a charm for Aperitivo restaurant

Debbie Amirault: “Congrats Sean and Jessica! Love this place! Recommend it all the time to people! Staff are awesome and the food is top notch!”

Maryanna Hemming: “I never knew this place existed until now. Can’t wait to try it out!”


Re: City staff are reviewing Huntmar/Maple Grove intersection

Neil Keohane: “Adding just one advanced left turn signal in the southbound direction of Huntmar (and in the northbound direction if possible) would solve much of these traffic woes without high costs and additional turn lanes, and it would improve safety and traffic flow. Just 1 or 2 new light units needed and some new light timing. A no-brainer in my opinion.”

Faith Blacquiere: “Am I missing something here? Do they not have to consider what is coming from the north which would interfere with the left hand turns, as opposed to the right hand turn which wouldn’t have as much traffic coming towards it? And where is that cyclist supposed to be going?”

Cynthia Cuddihy: “This is quite possibly the worst intersection ever.”

Ben Helleman: “Good to see that there’s some numbers involved in attempting to solve the northbound traffic issues, that said sometimes the numbers hide the details… No where are we given the southbound traffic turning right or going straight which impacts the 70% northbound traffic. The 10% attempting to turn left is being potentially blocked by the southbound traffic until a safe break in traffic occurs which isn’t very often during peak traffic hours. The 10% is kind of like a kink in the hose limiting the flow.”

Kimya Keyhan Rodger: “Thanks to Andre for sending this in. I faced his first point earlier this week and also wondered why left turning and straight lanes (on huntmar) were together. I actually feel the lights (right now) are slowing people down more than helping. At least with the four way stop people were still moving!”

Mark Bowditch: “The most ridiculous traffic intersection I have ever seen. No flow, misalignment, and trying to fit to much in a small space.”


Re: Site of demolished home was once “Glen Eden”, home to champion Clydesdales

Karen Prytula: “Gordon said ‘When I would cut the lawn in the spot near the ash trees, I always felt it was a sacred spot.’ That could be because a Charlotte Kildouff was known to be living on this property in 1823. Since nothing more is known of her, she, or a family member could have been buried there. (or she could have moved away) I don’t think any Burroughs, or James are buried there because Maple Grove Cemetery was not too far away.”



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