Explore Kanata, Stittsville and beyond: a family moves to a new community during COVID

(My family and I enjoy the outdoors and feel fortunate to have such a wonderful Greenbelt area so close to our home. Since moving here three years ago, we enjoy the many adventures of discovering what each trail we visit has to offer. Photos: Teresa Krasnichuk)

Moving to Kanata at the start of COVID meant that we landed in a new town without friends, family, or being able to explore. Lockdowns and business closures ensured that the only thing left for us to do was to navigate the outside world. We couldn’t complain because Kanata, Stittsville and the surrounding areas have several green spaces to discover. Our teens played Pokemon GO while our youngest burned off energy running around. Almost three years later, we still use the Greenbelt trails to tire out our younger two.

Favourite Family-Friendly Trails:

  • Old Quarry Trail- this one is the closest to our home and was often frequented by our family
  • Sarsaparilla Trail
  • Jack Pine Trail
  • South March Highlands Conservation
  • Shirleys Bay Trail
  • Mud Lake Trail

Exploring Kanata Indoors

Once we could finally visit the local businesses and restaurants, we could, at last, get to know the area a little better. Since I am an avid reader, one of the first places I wanted to find was a used book store and was pleased to discover Re-Read Used Books in Stittsville, where the selection of books, games and more is excellent. Another item high on our list of things to find is restaurants because we love some good food and need places for date nights. Being trapped in the house for so long during lockdowns can make being in the house now feel suffocating. So, we try to find places that we can escape to, even just for a coffee and a breather.

Favourite Places:

  • Re-Read Used Books– great variety of current books in all genres.
  • Jo-Jo’s Creameria– the best ice cream I have ever had.
  • Z3 Specialty Coffee– unique Japanese-style coffee and tea drinks; everything is delicious.
  • Amuse Kitchen & Wine– is a great date night spot, though a little on the pricier side.
  • strEATS Kanata Kitchen– best taco place. I love the fish tacos.
  • Law & Orders Kanata– is the best burger place with decent pricing.
  • Unlocked Ottawa- escape room, super fun and reasonably priced.
  • Farmer’s Markets- there are so many farmer’s markets in the area during the warmer months, and we love them all.
  • Kids Kingdom Daycare- is an indoor playground and the perfect place for young kids in the winter.
(A slice of heaven. The Japanese Cheesecake from Z3 Specialty Coffee, a Japanese style coffee shop we discovered at Kanata Town Centre.)

I think in the time we have been settling into the area, we have found some fascinating and unique places while exploring Kanata and the Stittsville environs that can only be found here. That being said, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting places and things to do. If you have any hidden gems that you want to recommend, please comment and let me know.


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