‘Ghoul-bourn Spook Show’ returns for three nights of fright

Since 2004, Joseph Carbonetto has been bringing his property back from the dead with his elaborate display of zombies, ghosts, gravestones, fog machines and so much more eeriness on All Hallows Eve. This year he continues the show, but with current health circumstances in mind. From October 29 to 31, you can visit 72 Cherry Drive from 6:00 – 9:00pm with a strange twist – it is totally COVID healthy becoming a drive-by only visit.

Stittsville Central popped by Joseph’s house to see for ourselves what he had in mind for this year. Joseph certainly has created another haunted extravaganza, but on a smaller scale. He told us, “I want to ensure the health of everyone who ‘drives’ by while they get to experience the eerie display”. And only a drive-by visit it will be!

Joseph is again collecting for those in need and has chosen to support the Stittsville Food Bank who have gladly sanctioned his safe event.

Joseph has had to defer some of his haunting garage surprises until next season. You can still see the added props that were once owned by Bruce Elevy, who had also haunted Stittsville for years and from whom Joseph purchased the props upon Bruce’s passing.

Dead or alive people will not be allowed to roam Joseph’s property as in the past, “I don’t want to encourage lingering by the ghost seekers and my reason for the evenings being a drive-by result”.

He has contactless delivery of candy for visitors – picked right out of the original manufacturer’s box and delivered mechanically to your car. Joseph has hired some younger ghouls, socially distanced and wearing masks, to collect your donations of food and cash for delivery to the collection bins.

72 Cherry promises to provide you with some scary times during the three nights of creepy entertainment with a full moon thrown in to set the scene. Do remember to bring along your donations for the Stittsville Food Bank.



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