LETTER: Road access a big problem for proposed Minto subdivision

Sign for Minto's Potter's Key neighbourhood

I speak for myself, and for many of my neighbours, when I say that I strongly oppose the plan put forward by Minto regarding the development known as Potter’s Key (6111 and 6141 Hazeldean Road.

This plan is unacceptable, as it does not consider the quality of life of existing residents, or potential future ones. This proposal has touched a nerve in Jackson Trails and surrounding neighbourhoods, where residents feel increasingly ignored and taken advantage of by city planners and builders alike.

A summary of the main issues are as follows:

  • All road connections to Potter’s Key will be through an existing residential subdivision, Jackson Trails. There is no direct connection to Hazeldean Road. The proposed Minto development consists of 454 households, all of whom will only be able to exit their subdivision by driving through Jackson Trails. This will result in extremely heavy traffic in Jackson Trails, making the streets through-ways, and not safe suburban roads.
  • Potter’s Key’s lack of access directly to Hazeldean Road is also a safety concern in an emergency situation. There is currently only one exit out of Jackson Trails. In case of an emergency situation where there is a need to evacuate, or for Emergency Personnel to get into Jackson Trails, this one entrance already poses a problem. To suggest that another 454 households also use this one exit is unsafe and irresponsible for the builder to suggest, and the city to potentially approve.
  • The amount of park and green area proposed for Potter’s Key is inadequate. Development plans such as this one are moving Ottawa away from a natural, environmentally friendly, green city. Furthermore, this plan is not in keeping with the Jackson Trails theme of environmental stewardship. Jackson Trails is home to numerous nature trails and green space, plus homes built to the Energy Star Certification standards. Residents have ‘living fences’ in their backyards, space designed to further promote a positive relationship with nature. Echowoods, the development on the other side of Potter’s Key, is an established neighbourhood with mature trees and bigger than average lots, full of nature and greenspace.   The Minto proposal is in stark contrast to this, and does not respect the feel of the existing subdivisions surrounding Potter’s Key.
  • There should be a buffer of trees left between Jackson Trails and the proposed Minto subdivision. An opportunity exists for the city, and it’s builders, to set an example and show that their stated commitment to the environment and a ‘healthy Ottawa’ are real, by insisting that Minto leave a row of mature trees standing between the developments. Builders’ desire for profit must be tempered by quality of life considerations for Ottawa residents, both present and future.

The City of Ottawa owes it to its residents to put a stop to development plans such as this one, which does not respond to the needs and desires of the population. It is critical that the City ensures development occurs responsibly, with more taken into consideration than solely profits for the builders. It is essential that residents be consulted and included in the design process; furthermore, the comments and input received from residents must be truly valued and utilized, rather than simply gathered to placate concerned citizens, and then set aside.

As a mother of five young children who live on the main street that will be used as an entry/exit from Potter’s Key, I implore the City to carefully consider the life-altering impact this will have not only on my family, but on all residents of Jacksons Trails.

Please, City of Ottawa, do not approve this subdivision plan without reasonable road access for the residents of Potter’s Key.  Make the sensible and responsible decision to insist that Minto put in place a direct exit onto Hazeldean Road. Accept nothing less.

There is a public consultation meeting on November 4, at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex, 7pm. Join us, and make your voice count.

Jessica Sultan
Jackson Trails



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