LETTER: The Carp Road landfill expansion will operate for a lot longer than 10 years

Re: TRASH TALK: Everything you need to know about the Carp Road Landfill Expansion 

The article on the dump is well-written and provides important information to the readers. There is one point I think should be made clear.

For the question “When will the landfill start accepting the material, and how long will the landfill operate?” The last sentence states ….Life expectancy for this type of facility is about 10 years.

This is a bit of a red herring that Waste Management has used to make the community think the landfill will be operating for a relativity short time. In order to be filled up in 10 years it will have to receive the maximum 400,000 tonnes a year from day one. There would be no ramp-up period just like the Orgaworld contract.

Also it assumes that 4 million tonnes of garbage will fill the 6.5 million cubic meters approved by the Ministry of Environment. Data from the current landfill shows that nearly 6 million tonnes of garbage will fill 6.5 cubic meters.

So at 400,000 tonnes per year it will take 15 years to fill. In reality they will not receive 400,000 tonnes each and every year of operation so the new landfill will probably be operationally for 20 to 30 years.

As well, the company has not committed to the city and community that this will be the last expansion.

Harold Moore



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