Local pharmacist shares advice on helping seniors live their best golden years

(Stan Tsykov is a Pharmacist and the owner of your local Shoppers Drug Mart at 1300 Stittsville Main Street. Stittsville Central is pleased to share his expertise in health matters.)

On October 1, we observed National Seniors Day, providing an occasion to acknowledge seniors across Canada. But despite the promises associated with the golden years, it remains a reality that many seniors encounter health challenges as they age. These challenges encompass a spectrum from chronic illnesses to minor ailments, but the unanimous sentiment is that locating the appropriate support can have a profound impact.

In my capacity as a pharmacist, I am here to facilitate your access to the care and guidance you require, ensuring it’s readily available close to home and throughout every phase of life – even during retirement! Whether you are in search of in-store assistance or exploring virtual care alternatives, I have detailed the ways through which we can bolster your journey toward improved health and wellness.

Minor Ailments: Whether you’ve come down with a urinary tract infection, have a dermatitis flare-up, or have a bad case of allergic rhinitis, your pharmacist is here to help. In Ontario, pharmacists can access and prescribe, if appropriate, for minor ailments, meaning you can save a trip and sometimes stop in at your local pharmacy, rather than a trip to your primary care physician. Pharmacists are a quick and convenient resource for minor ailments, and for uncomplicated conditions, you can be in and out with treatment in hand without waiting in emerge. Next time you are experiencing a minor ailment, be sure to stop in at your local pharmacy.

Chronic pain: When aches progress to chronic pain, some seniors turn to pain medication to manage. Pharmacists are an accessible and knowledgeable resource and play an important role in the safe use of pain medication. Your local pharmacist can also support you with medication reviews to ensure all medications you are taking are working well together. Whether it be over the counter or prescription pain medication, your pharmacist will be able to advise you on the best options to take, to ensure nothing is interfering with you feeling your best.

Medication reviews: Many seniors will have several medications they take regularly, and it is not uncommon for people to lose track of their schedule, which can lead to worsening symptoms.(1) Your local pharmacist is a great resource if you are finding it difficult to maintain a regular medication routine. Pharmacists can conduct medication reviews to assess the correct frequency and dosages for your medications. We can also provide tools, such as blister packs and reminder apps, which can make it easier to stay on schedule with your medication.

Your local pharmacist is here to support you through every stage of life, and make sure you are supported so you can feel your best through your retirement, so if you are experiencing any of these conditions, be sure to stop by your local pharmacy to see how your pharmacist can help.

Stan Tsykov is a pharmacist and owner of your local Shoppers Drug Mart in Stittsville.

1 Jüngst et al. July 2019. Medication adherence among patients with chronic diseases: A survey-based study in pharmacies. QJM: An International Journal of Medicine. 112; 7: 505-512. Available: https://academic.oup.com/qjmed/article/112/7/505/5370182


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