Photos from weekend events you may have missed

Saturday, October 14 was a perfect day to go out with family and friends to participate in or attend the many fun events that took place in Stittsville. There were a number of events that kept us busy throughout the day, including the annual 9RunRun that is always an event where crowds gather, especially for the Chiefs Chili Cook-Off (this year’s winner was Ottawa Fire). Lots of photos and more information is available on the 9RunRun facebook page.

Next up was 38 Crantham Crescent, where the Skele-bration skellies could be found running the 9RunRun to mark the day to support Ottawa’s First Responders’ Foundation.

Over at St. Thomas Anglican Church, the annual Autumn Leaves Yard Sale and Luncheon took place with many browsing and shopping from the pre-owned items. The Outreach Committee at St. Thomas sold painted rocks and held a silent auction for a homemade quilt in support of On the Road 4 Mental Health to support Youth Services Ottawa. The bids had reached $185.00 for the quilt at the end of the event with the money going to a worthy cause. It was nice to bump into Greg McPherson where we learned of his 2024 plans for the On the Road 4 Mental Health walk.

Jo-Jo’s Pumpkin Patch Party had a large turn-out and the dance area was lively with little ones showing their dance moves. The line-up was long for the free ice cream and pizza and the kids loved the bouncy castles.

Capital Crystals set-up a display outside their shop on Stittsville Main. Jen, owner Ashley, and Grace were out to show the public the many items the shop has to offer.

The one event that really captured our heart, was the Treat Accessibly Halloween Village on Baywood Drive. Neighbours on Baywood came together with the founder of this special day, Rich Padulo, to allow children with mobility, sensory and intellectual disabilities to trick or treat like other children. The afternoon was certainly for the kids. The street was filled with amazing costumes, displays and the DJ kept the music pumping for everyone to have a great Halloween party time safely. The kids were dressed in the best costumes anyone has seen and they all were full of smiles and excitement. An afternoon filled with not only scary, but pure joy!


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