Plan of subdivision submitted for 5431 Fernbank

The City has received a plan of subdivision for the land at 5431 Fernbank Road, near the Blackstone community:

“The subject lands are currently vacant agricultural land. Two hydro corridors and the TransCanada Trail lie north of the site. There is a draft approved subdivision to the west, a site plan approved for commercial retail development to the south and vacant urban lands to the east of the property. The subdivision proposal is identified as Phases 2 through 4 of Blackstone Development. The draft plan shows 315 single family lots, 11 blocks for multiple dwellings one park block, one stormwater management block, 10 streets, 3 walkways blocks and the block for the hydro corridor. At total of 565 dwelling units are anticipated, with 97 street townhomes, 61 townhomes on private roads and 92 as stacked townhomes or low rise apartments units. The access will be from Terry Fox Drive and through the previously draft approved subdivision immediately to the west of this site.”

You can find more info here…

5431 Fernbank Road
5431 Fernbank Road



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