Reader mail: Your comments about the Stittsville public high school

Our article earlier this week about the latest in the push for a public high school in Stittsville generated quite a few comments.  Here’s a sampling of your opinions.

“We have been living in Stittsville since 1995 and there was talk back then about building a public high school. My daughter started Grade 9 this year and we were expecting there to be a public high school by now! She is busing 45 minutes to South Carleton.”
Kelly Esdale-Parent, via Facebook

“My oldest is one of the kids on the buses. We were told when we moved to Stittsville back in 1996 that “a high school was coming soon”. That slowly turned into “where is the high school”. Then the Catholic high school was built and I had to start explaining to my kids why their friends were abandoning the public schools for the sake of convenience. We chose to stick it out and stay for many reasons.  At this point the best I can hope for is that that by the time my youngest, in Grade 4, is ready he won’t be making the long trip to Richmond.”
Julia Harrold, via Facebook

“It’s unfortunate the Ontario government doesn’t make a public high school in Stittsville a priority. I don’t know how they don’t see the future need when we have three overflowing public elementary schools.”
Kim Parker, via email

“My three kids will be switched to the Catholic board and attend Sacred Heart over being bused out to Richmond. It would be nice to get a Catholic high in the Richmond area… Then all those kids would not have to travel to Stittsville either!”
Andrea Ross, via Facebook

“If all schools were simply public schools then we wouldn’t have this problem at all. This is not meant to offend anyone, but the Catholic religion is not in any danger and will survive without a separate school board. By the way, I attended three different Catholic schools growing up.”
Cathy Smith Coote, via Facebook


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