Shea Village – ‘not just a project; a vibrant community’ – finally seeing shovels in the ground

(It was an exciting September 29th for the employees at Thomas Cavanagh Construction and Patten Homes when it was announced that Shea Village was finally ready for home construction to begin on the property. Jeff Cavanagh and his Mom, Kay, were so proud that the day had finally arrived. Photos: Stittsville Central)

September 29th was a day that the Cavanagh family have looked forward to for several years. The day was marked with the announcement that Shea Village was finally going to see shovels in the ground to build a dynamic community in the heart of Stittsville. It is close to schools, the CARDELRec Complex-Goulbourn and residents can easily access shopping and places of work.

Jeff Cavanagh, President of Thomas Cavanagh Construction, was excited to break the news that their newest community from Patten Homes, Shea Village, would soon be seeing homes after numerous years of perseverance. The matriarch of the family, Kay, was proudly looking on, alongside daughter Lori and a number of employees from both companies.

It was 19 years ago in 2004 when Thomas and Kay Cavanagh had the foresight to purchase the land where Shea Village will be developed. The corner lot was purchased from Carl Ashton at the corner of Fernbank and Shea Roads. Originally in the urban boundary, the property was removed from the Stittsville urban boundary to save on taxes by the former owners. In order to have approvals and permits approved, the property had to be reintroduced to the urban boundary. Through diligence and hard work, Mark Purchase of Cavanagh, was successful in having the property reinstated to the urban boundary. The planning work could be started.

Jeff told those gathered, “At the time of purchase, we had just constructed Abbott Street and Shea Road. Cavanagh has been responsible for building Timbermere, all the way down West Ridge through to where it becomes Parade Drive, and this piece of land follows that same stretch. It’s a privilege to be able to build in the community where my family and I live. This subdivision is a gem, and I consider it to be right in the heart of Stittsville.”

“Developing land is rigorous. We have been working on this project since 2004. I’m proud of the perseverance of our team for finally getting all our approvals and permits to begin building homes. Some have been working on this project since the beginning while others have recently joined and have been key in bringing it across the finish line,” continued Jeff.

There will be 466 homes built in Shea Village consisting of single family homes, townhomes and back-to-back townhomes (referred to as elevated townhomes by Patten Homes). The Granary Grove Park is also included in the community. Knowing the housing climate, Patten Homes are offering affordable homes, the elevated townhome, for the first-time buyer at Shea Village. To date, 40 homes have been sold with the first closing taking place eight months from now.

Across the road from Shea Village, Cavanagh will also be constructing a retail plaza called Shea Circle. It will complement the area having restaurants and more amenities close to home for residents. Shopping and dining are lacking in the south end of Stittsville – the plaza will be well-received.

On the mention of Shea Circle, Jeff would be remiss if he didn’t sincerely say, “I’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Dave and Jen Duncan for helping us make this project possible by selling us some of the property where the storm water management pond now is. Dave and Jen raised their kids here and we’re proud to be naming a street after their son, Craig Duncan.”

He ended by saying, “thank you also to my Mom and Dad for buying this property back in 2004. I’m sure you thought we’d have it built out by now Mom, but 19 years later we’re now going to celebrate being able to dig our first basement! So, once again, thank you for being here to celebrate this milestone. Shea Village isn’t just another project – it’s an opportunity for us to build a vibrant community. Let’s grab our shovels and break some ground!”

(The employees of Thomas Cavanagh Construction and Patten Homes were eager to dig in their shovels.)

This is not the only milestone celebration for Cavanagh Construction – the company is celebrating 70 years in business. Thomas (Tommy) as many knew him, worked hard to grow his business. He started with a single axle dump truck in 1953 working in the former Goulbourn Township. When you look around your neighbourhood, there isn’t much that Tommy wasn’t involved in. Throughout the years his business grew to 800 employees and he treated every employee as family – that legacy continues. Tommy was a true philanthropist donating time, equipment and money to many causes, people and local sports teams. To continue his generosity, the family set-up the Thomas Cavanagh Foundation after his passing in 2019.


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