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NOTEBOOK: A fenced dog run, more cash for road repairs, ice cream at Quitters


Valecraft Homes recently tweeted out the design of a park and stormwater pond in their new Rathwell Landing neighbourhood, (located south of the existing Westwind neighbourhood). Continue reading


LINKED: Kathleen Edwards engaging, focused and funny in return to the spotlight at NAC

Lynn Saxberg writes the Ottawa Citizen:

Kathleen Edwards greeted the sold-out audience at the National Arts Centre’s Theatre with a twinkle in her eye and a big smile. “Let’s see if I remember how to do this,” she said.

In her first public appearance on a hometown stage in a couple of years, the Ottawa singer-songwriter took to the spotlight like her old self, doling out equal parts charm, profanity and self-deprecating humour, along with a stellar selection of tunes rendered with some of Ottawa’s cream-of-the-crop jazz musicians.

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Jim Bryson to play Crossroads jazz series at the NAC

Jim Bryson will be one of the featured artists this spring as part of the National Arts Centre’s CROSSROADS Jazz Series.

The series is directed by Ottawa Jazz Festival programming manager Petr Cancura, who creates new arrangements that showcase the singer-songwriters’ songs with a jazz twist added by a special live house band. The series is presented in collaboration with the Ottawa Jazz Festival.

Stittsville’s Kathleen Edwards, a frequent collaborator with Bryson, is kicking off the series on November 24.

The show is on Friday, April 21, 2017 at 8:00 pm in the NAC Studio. Click here for tickets and more info.

From the National Arts Centre website:

“Jim Bryson is one of the finest songwriters working anywhere today. A true master of his craft, he has patiently built a generous and wonderful body of work over the last 20 years, all leading to his brilliant new record,Somewhere We Will Find Our Place. Jim’s lyrics and melodies are profound and perfectly wrought little avant-garde fictions that expand and deepen with repeated listens. They will put down a foundation in your brain, build a house for them to live in. They will make you notice, make you sing, provide good company, challenge, comfort and inspire. The songs onSomewhere We Will Find Our Place are especially superb, each a gem, a world, and with the wondrous and deft production of Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene, Happiness Project) and the exceptional mixing of Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes), Jim Bryson has made a beautiful, career – defining, masterpiece of a record.”  – John K Samson



NOTEBOOK: 9RunRun attendance boost, Jinkinson re-zoning, Kungfu lunches

The final fundraising tally for last week’s 9RunRun won’t be available until November but the attendance numbers are encouraging. Organizer Brenda Tirrell says that combined, the three races had about 1700 registrants, up by about 400 from last year’s race. Continue reading


NOTEBOOK: Live music at Quitters, Huntmar’s truck problem


I was at Quitters on Saturday night for trivia and two notable things happened.

For one, my team won. That’s a first. Congrats to J, Lorrie and Greg, aka the smart people on my team.

Second, Quizmaster Rick announced that Quitters will be launching some new programming this fall, including a live music series featuring Kathleen Edwards and other musicians.  Watch for details soon.

Photo by Katie Shapiro
Photo by Katie Shapiro

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Jim Bryson nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award

(Photo: Jim Bryson in February 2016. Photo by Barry Gray for StittsvilleCentral.ca)

Big congrats to Stittsville’s Jim Bryson for his well-deserved nomination for a Canadian Folk Music Award.

Bryson’s album Somewhere We Will Find Our Place is nominated in the “Pushing the Boundaries” category. The record was released in February and coincided with three pretty damn incredible sold-out shows at Quitters.

Tracks from the album including Depression Dance and Ontario (a duet with Kathleen Edwards) have been getting a lot of play on CBC Radio 2, and if you haven’t heard the music yet you should head over iTunes or whatever your favourite music source is and check it out.

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LOST & FOUND: How Kathleen Edwards got her guitar back

(PHOTO: Kathleen Edwards and her guitar with Russell Mason and his dogs Riggin and Beans, standing at the bench in Bell Park where Mason found the instrument. Photo by Barry Gray.)

RUSSELL MASON OF CHERRY DRIVE WAS OUT WALKING HIS DOGS IN BELL PARK ON MONDAY, when he noticed a garbage bag leaning up against a bench. He thought it looked like a guitar shape, and thought it was a bit strange, but left it alone.

Then he went back Tuesday morning, and the bag was still there.  But now it was wide open, and there were two guitars leaning up against the bench.

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THIS WEEKEND: Arts in the Park, Doors Open Ottawa and garage sales galore

It’s another busy weekend in Ottawa’s most exciting suburb. On Sunday afternoon, more than 60 professional and amateur artists, writers, culinary specialists, musicians, and other creators will bring their work to Village Square Park for the annual Arts in the Park exhibition, presented by the Stittsville Village Association. (UPDATE: Arts in the Park has been cancelled due to rain, and will be rescheduled for August.)

The Goulbourn Museum and the Sterling Howie Firehall (Station 81) are participating in Doors Open Ottawa.

There’s another “doors open” of sorts at the Goulbourn Lawn Bowling Club.  They’re holding their annual “open day” on Saturday from 9:30 – 1:00. More info…

On Friday and Saturday, the Stittsville Lions are collecting beer, wine, cooler bottles or cans for diabetes and for Camp Banting, Canada’s oldest operating camp for kids with diabetes. More info…

And then there are the garage sales:

Tell us about your upcoming event by visiting stittsvillecentral.ca/events/



Musician Jim Bryson finds his place back home in Stittsville

“There were no houses behind here, and we had dirt bikes and we used to drive through the bushes, we used to snowmobile around.  There were all these bike trails that went through the bush and we built forts in the woods.”


Jim Bryson is releasing his fifth album on Friday, called Somewhere We Will Find Our Place, and will play three sold out shows at Quitters this week from Thursday to Saturday. Bryson grew up in Stittsville, moved away, and then found his way back when he bought his parents’ house and settled here with his young family.  When he’s not performing with other musicians (he’s toured with Kathleen Edwards and the Tragically Hip in the past), you might find him producing or recording inside a small studio that he built in his back yard. Glen Gower spoke to him earlier this week about his new album and his life in Stittsville. Here’s an edited version of that conversation. Photos by Barry Gray.

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Stittsville community members share breakfast with the mayor

Community members who met with the mayor and councillor included Rosemary Brummell, Kyle Vezzaro, Tim Sheehan, Cathy Bureau, Kathleen Edwards, Tanya Hein, Cathy Skinner, Kevin Chappell, and Sabrina Kemp.
Community members who met with the mayor and councillor included (left to right) Rosemary Brummell, Kyle Vezzaro, Tim Sheehan, Cathy Bureau, Kathleen Edwards, Tanya Hein, Cathy Skinner, Kevin Chappell, and Sabrina Kemp.


On Thursday, December 3, community leaders from Stittsville were invited to have breakfast meeting with Councillor Shad Qadri and Mayor Jim Watson. The meeting, which was held in the Mayor’s Boardroom in the Heritage Building at City Hall, was part of an effort to encourage open communication between the community, the Mayor’s office and the Councillor’s office.

Mayor Watson, Councillor Qadri, and nine Stittsville community leaders were there, representing a variety of community groups including the Stittsville Minor Hockey Association, the Stittsville Scouts, the Rotary Club of Ottawa-Stittsville, the Goulburn Skating Club and the Stittville Village Association. Mayor Watson provided updates on a number of city-wide initiatives such as the LRT, the proposed budget for 2016 and Canada’s upcoming 150th birthday. Continue reading


COMMENT: Happy first birthday to Quitters!

(ABOVE: Dog owners gather for a pack walk in front of Quitters last October. Quitters owner Kathleen Edwards is wearing a white shirt in the middle. Photo via Janet Burns / Dog Dayz Daycare and Training.)

If you’re in town this weekend, make a point of stopping in at Quitters and saying “thank you” to owner Kathleen Edwards and her staff.

It was Thanksgiving weekend last year that she first opened the coffee shop on Stittsville Main Street just south of Abbott Street. Continue reading


Guitar stolen from Kathleen Edwards’ home in Stittsville

UPDATE: By Thursday at 9:30pm, Edwards’ post on Facebook had been shared an incredible 14,390 shares.

Musician Kathleen Edwards, owner of Quitters Coffee on Stittsville Main Street, posted on Facebook today about a 1957 Les Paul Junior guitar stolen from her home:

This one hurts. Bad. 
My 1957 Les Paul junior was stolen from my home in Stittsville, Ontario. I can only guess that someone came in through the back door when it was unlocked, picked it up, without a case, and walked out. 

I am hoping that this post will circulate in the Ottawa area and come across the person responsible, or someone who has noticed a friend or relative with a new instrument kicking around: 

Be very VERY sure, a 1957 les Paul doesn’t just get resold online, in a pawn shop, at a guitar store without gaining attention. You won’t be able to play it in front of people. It will draw attention, someone will notice. People who buy and sell valuable instruments know exactly what they are, and when they are stolen. 

You will be caught if you try and sell it. I have tons of images of it, and documented serial number. So you have no chance to sell it and make money. And worse, you will be charged for a significant theft, and linked to a break and enter. 

If the guitar is returned, I can accept a “no questions asked” agreement. Whether that means the guitar is returned to my business, Quitters coffee, to my home, or through a mutual acquaintance. I can accept a foolish drunken teenage lapse of judgement, a momentary hiccup in your moral being. 

I can promise you that the instrument will not make you money, it will not go unnoticed and you will at some point be caught. 

Do the right thing. 

And thanks for keeping your ear to the ground.


Bear sighting near Abbott and West Ridge

Kathleen Edwards: coffee shop owner, dog walker, and bear sighter.

Here’s her warning on Friday morning about a bear along the Trans Canada Trail.


Bryan Adams stopped in at Quitters on Saturday afternoon

UPDATE, MARCH 15:  Kathleen posted photographic evidence of the visit to her Instagram account. “Yes he did love my vegan carrot loaf.”
Bryan Adams and Kathleen Edwards


It’s the biggest celebrity sighting in Stittsville since Rich Little dropped in at the Timmy’s a few weeks back.

Music superstar Bryan Adams stopped by Quitters Coffee on Saturday afternoon, and had a coffee with owner/musician Kathleen Edwards. Continue reading