100th Regiment marches in Pipefest

The 100th Regiment at Pipefest 2015.
The 100th Regiment at Pipefest 2015.

The 100th Regiment marched downtown in Ottawa’s Pipefest 2015 on Sunday. The event featured several pipe bands and many people in kilts.

“We were three officially from the 100th with one more dressed in our uniform which consisted of one sergeant, drummer, lance corporal, and a private. One captain from the 19th Light Dragoons (blue) and one private from the Glengarry Light Infantry (green),” says William Sinka, president of the 100th Regiment Historical Society.

Established in 2013 and based in Ottawa, the volunteer group recreates the 100th Regiment during the 1813 to 1815 period. Throughout the year, they take part in regular training and attend community events, parades, heritage days, and battle re-enactments. Learn more about the group here…



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