ALGONQUIN TIMES: Stittsville’s Main Street Café serves hundreds in tornado aftermath

Photo: The Main Street Café. Image via Facebook.

Algonquin College’s campus newspaper the Algonquin Times has a story about the Main Street Café’s busy day Sept. 22 after the Ottawa-area storm that knocked out power to most of the city.

People lined out the doors of the Main Street Café in Stittsville Saturday morning after tornadoes in Ottawa left tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power.

Jen and John Monk, graduates of Algonquin and owners of the café, guessed they served between 200 and 300 people before closing at 12:30 p.m. The café, which seats roughly 80 people, posted a sign on the window announcing that they ran out of food due to the power outage.

“It feels like we were living a dream,” said Jen Monk. “It felt like people were preparing for Armageddon.”

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