Caring for and enjoying your pet during a quarantine


Are you an animal lover or pet owner wondering how to care for man’s best friend while stuck inside?

Well I have just the answer for you. When speaking to a few veterinary clinics in Stittsville, they gave me the insider’s scoop on what to do for your pets while in quarantine.

After talking to a representative from Crossing Bridge Veterinary Clinic, I was informed that they have the following precautions in place:

  • They are asking humans to not come in
  • They are accepting animals at the door only
  • Ask the pet’s owners to wait in the car
  • They are only accepting those who have an appointment
  • After an appointment, the owner is called on their cellphone
  • They are only accepting non-appointments in urgent situations

Upon reading various humane society websites and the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS), they have advised that pet owners should take the following precautions, in the case that they become unable to care for their pets:

  • Pet owners should make emergency plans for their pets. This includes ensuring that they have adequate food and supplies for them for a few weeks. They should also come up with an emergency care plan should they not be able to care for their pets.
  • If they do not have emergency care available, they should try to connect with their neighbors and ask if they might help, talk to family, local boarding kennels as well as contact their veterinarian.
  • If the owner is in an urgent situation, they should contact the OHS to discuss their options. However, they should note that the OHS does not provide transportation services or boarding for their pets.

OHS also stated, “they are able to prioritize emergency situations as well as help the animals who need the most care, they will only take in animals that are in urgent situations. They will review the situation starting April 13”.

At this time, OHS is asking Ottawa residents to not bring animals that are healthy or strays to the shelter. Residents should report strays to the city using 311. Residents will be asked to complete online “found” reports on the OHS site for healthy, stray cats. Only stray animals that are injured or ill should be brought to the OHS at this time.

OHS Operations Director, Sharon Miko, stated the following in the foundation’s recent press release: “It’s extremely important for us to be able to maintain the level of care we provide our animals and be able to respond to emergency situations.” She also stated that, “Temporarily limiting our intake is an important, albeit difficult step for us to ensure we are able to do so.”

You can find other safety measures from the OHS at:

For those thinking of becoming pet owners, you can try out the idea of having a fluffy, little bundle of joy running through your home by watching Snowy Pines White Labradors live stream of these beautiful puppies. The live stream can be found here.

As well as the live stream, the OHS is always looking for donations. You can help out their four-legged friends here:

Dog experts also say that you should talk to your pet in order to bond with them as well as increase physical contact with them. For those that are working from home, they encourage pet owners to bring their pet’s bed, blanket or toy close by so that they stay happy but don’t distract too much from the work ethic. The experts also encourage pet owners not to give their pets too many treats as this can affect their diet.

As well as playing inside and outside with your four-legged friends, you can also take them for walks or car rides so that both they and you get some fresh air.



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