City warning people to protect privacy against unauthorized vaccination callers

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) will not call you directly about a vaccine appointment, unless you have requested a call back. There have been reports to the City of unauthorized callers offering vaccination appointments and the City is warning residents to protect your privacy.

The unauthorized callers ask for personal information and pretend to arrange COVID-19 vaccination appointments or tests.

If you are an adult recipient of chronic home health care, you may receive an automated call with a recorded message to let you know you are eligible to book a vaccine appointment. Some physicians and community partners may be calling to encourage you to book an appointment as well.

In all cases, only book and give personal information through the official sites and phone numbers listed below. Some individuals may also be contacted by local hospitals, primary care providers and local health care partners.

In follow-up to having received a COVID-19 test, Ottawa Public Health will call each person who has received a positive lab test. An OPH case manager, when calling, will ask for your name, date of birth and the demographic information you provided at the testing site. This is to confirm that they are speaking to the correct person about their personal health information.

Note that, OPH will never ask for money or your SIN! Appointments nor vaccines can never be bought or sold by members of the public.

Stay informed – Please sign up for the City of Ottawa’s COVID-19 vaccination updates e-subscription to get the latest updates on when the vaccine becomes available to the various age groups. You can also share this information with friends and family to ensure they get the latest information straight from the source.



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