Former Sacred Heart student chosen for mentorship program at U of T

(Amogh Ravishankar was hand selected to the Mentorship Program at the University of Toronto.)

It was a proud moment when Stittsville residents B.R. (Ravi) and his wife Renuka Ravishankar learned that their son, Amogh, has been accepted into the Mentorship Program at University of Toronto. Amogh is a former student at Sacred Heart High School, graduating in 2018, and presently enrolled in the Economics and Management Science program at Ryerson University.

During his formative years in Stittsville, Amogh participated on many of the sports teams Stittsville and area offers. He played recreational hockey for the Stittsville Rams; was a competitive soccer player with the West Ottawa Soccer Club; and, achieved his black belt at Cooligan Martial Arts. In 2019, he was a competitive coach for the West Ottawa Soccer Club. Aside from his sports, Amogh always had a strong interest in both math and politics.

(Amogh Ravishankar played recreational hockey with the Stittsville Rams. Photo: provided)

Amogh told Stittsville Central, “I was always interested in economics and public policy on my own time outside of school because following and analyzing politics has been a passion of mine for as long as I remember. I was fortunate enough to have parents that love to travel the world and being to 30+ countries around the world gave me an extra appreciation to grow up in Canada and learn about the economic policies and other aspects of why Canada is a successful country!”. “I was always a math-favouring student and being able to combine math and socio-economic issues in the study of Economics and Management Science at Ryerson University give me the best of both worlds. Practical monetary math if you will,” he adds with a smile.

(Amogh Ravishankar achieved his black belt at Cooligan Martial Arts in Stittsville. Photo: provided)

Amogh was hand selected into the program through his contact with Bobby Singh, a former MP contestant in the Toronto riding of Scarborough-Rouge Park and a leadership contestant for the Conservative Party of Canada. Amogh reached out to share his thoughts with Singh on the current Canadian socio-economic climate and Singh wanted to hear more. After a conversation with Singh, he informed Amogh that he was very impressed with his thoughts and the articulation of the ideas he presented.

Amogh says, “he informed me that he runs a mentorship program, generally reserved for students at the University of Toronto in which he handpicks students that he takes under his wing, to not only teach us and give us experience working with policy and politics but also helping us, through his network with the very important aspect of Career Development”. Singh was so impressed that he offered Amogh a position, even if a student at Ryerson, an honour without a doubt.

Through his new position, Amogh has already been speaking with Singh’s members who come from various fields of work and has found this helpful in his own career development – providing him with a sense of direction for his future career. Although currently a mentee, Amogh will be soon able to mentor other students once more experience is gained.

“Networking is a massive skill needed in our youth today (including myself) which was something my Dad taught me from an early age. Being a part of this program allows me to expand my network by a large amount, which in turn gives me more people to reach out to for help regarding my professional development! I felt like it was important for myself, in the day and age of an extremely competitive job market particularly in the financial industry to give myself all the tools necessary to learn and produce the best work I can,” he told us.

(In 2015 Amogh was the Moderator for the federal candidate debate held at Sacred Heart High School in Stittsville. Photo: Stittsville Central)

In this mentor position, Amogh will be expected to listen, learn and lead as he is exposed to various policy situations. He will be contributing to discussions through the analysis of data and existing public policies locally, regionally and nationally. Amogh emphasized, “This is truly exciting since such experience is common at the university masters level of study and research, and I’m doing it now!”.

When asked where will the future take you? Amogh plans to join the Canadian Armed Forces after completing undergraduate studies and subsequently pursue his MBA. “Once again leverage my mentor who is a Schulich School of Business MBA alumni. Post studies, I would like to work in the capital markets industry.”

There is no doubt that Ravi and Renuka are extremely proud of their son’s accomplishment, along with his younger sister Anoushka who is a student at South Carleton High School. We look forward to hearing more about this young man as his career progresses.



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