HUBLEY: Kanata economy must be protected if Sens leave

(from Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley’s weekly column)

Many residents have expressed concern for the Senators moving from Kanata as part of the Lebreton proposals. I have shared your concern and ideas with both parties involved in the revitalization of Lebreton and will continue to work with my fellow west end councillors to do whatever possible to protect the jobs and businesses that currently depend on the Senators.

If we cannot convince the Sens to stay as our first priority, then we must ensure there are plans for the area that will provide as much or even more of an economic boost to our community.  We also need to help whoever will develop the area next to ensure that when the Sens leave and when the next attraction is in place, that the gap is a small as possible.

I encourage everyone to keep in mind that Kanata Stittsville is the number two employment area in the city and over the past six years either first or second as the fastest growing area of the city and that is not because of the Sens, it is because we have built the best place to live, work, play and that is why you and I are proud to make this community our home.



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