OCDSB staff assist in medical emergency using public access defibrillator

On the evening of Monday, March 2, paramedics received a call for a male in his 50’s experiencing a medical emergency during a badminton game at A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School in Stittsville.

Bystanders rapidly identified that he was in cardiac arrest and initiated CPR. A public access defibrillator was obtained by Ottawa-Carleton District School Board staff and three shocks were delivered prior to transferring care to an Ottawa Paramedic crew.

Treatment continued on route to hospital and a pulse was regained after intervention by the paramedics.

The patient was transferred to hospital staff in serious condition.

Ottawa Paramedic Service (OPS) would like to thank all of the bystanders involved who quickly identified a medical emergency and responded accordingly by calling 9-1-1, obtaining the nearest AED/PAD and starting compressions. OPS also want to acknowledge the positive impact of our community members responding to a peer in need, as well as highlight the importance of obtaining and maintaining CPR and AED certification.

Automated External Defibrillator and Public Access Defibrillator are terms referring to defibrillator devices available to the public. Ottawa Paramedics encourage all members of the public to become trained in CPR/AED use as these are key factors in the chain of survival for sudden cardiac arrest.

In the event that you witness a medical emergency and are not trained in CPR or AED use, our Ambulance Communication Officers are trained to provide Over-the-Phone CPR instructions as well as help you locate and use the nearest AED/PAD.


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