PHOTOS: Stittsville’s Alex captured in the spectacular photos of Danielle Barabé-Bussières

Stittsville resident and 2020 National Photographic Artist of the Year, Danielle Barabé-Bussières, has photographed our beautiful resident fox, Alex, and shares her photographs with us. He is healthy, proud and regal enjoying his environment, and we, his daily sightings. He lives in his wildlife world not knowing he is beloved by our community.

Danielle has been watching and waiting for the perfect moments to capture her images of Alex and bring out the best of Stittsville’s friendly fox. The photos are so alive, one senses you could reach out to pet him. She has caught his self importance brilliantly. It appears as if he is actually daring Danielle to shoot the photograph as he stares her down.

Danielle has also discovered he has a female friend and the discrepancy between the two – a scratch on her nose. Alex is certainly a survivor and now with a partner, we may find baby kits following not far behind on his daily romps.

Enjoy these incredible photographs taken by Danielle!


10 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Stittsville’s Alex captured in the spectacular photos of Danielle Barabé-Bussières”

  1. Spectacular photos of Alex. His fists den was behind us near Alexander Grove, hence such an appropriate naming.

    1. Oh… I suspect the reason for his name is exactly for that reason!!!….I saw him go down Manchester several times with lunch!!…You must be the owner of one of the houses I wanted to knock at the door just so I could explore and see if could see the kits 😉 Maybe next year!!

  2. We love our Fox too! He/she can be seen trotting along the sidewalk by the golf course, or down the trails behind our house. We are also so lucky to see him run through our backyard from time to time.
    Thanks for these amazing pics!

  3. There MUST be more than one or two foxes in Stittsville. we live behind the churchyard at Main & Fernbank and foxes have been visitors to our backyard regularly as long as I can remember, We don’t get deer, coyotes or fishers (thank goodness) any longer, but the foxes have adapted well to an increasingly urban Stiitsville.

  4. He looks so healthy with his beautiful coat. Great pictures! Very encouraging to see a classic example of co-existing with wildlife. Thanks very much for this.

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