QADRI: Public meeting for new Minto’s Potter’s Key subdivision on November 4

(via Councillor Shad Qadri’s weekly newsletter)

Minto Homes has prepared a revised Plan of Subdivision for their proposed development known as Potter’s Key located at Stittsville.   This land is located to the west of Jackson Trails, north of Hazeldean Road and east of Echowoods.  The subdivision proposes single family homes and townhomes.  To review the revised plans and provide your input please attend the upcoming public meeting.

Potter’s Key Proposed Subdivision Public Meeting:
Wednesday, November 4th, 2015
6:30 p.m. Open house, 7:00 p.m. Presentation
Goulbourn Recreation Complex, Hall A, 1500 Shea Rd, Stittsville

It is very important that residents provide comments on the revised plan and attend the public meeting.  I have included some of my concerns in the below overview of changes from the 2014 Original Draft Plan to the 2015 Revised Draft Plan.

Minto Potter's Key subdivision plan
Potter’s Key subdivision plan


  • The development boundary surrounding Feedmill Creek was revised between 2014 and 2015 due to changes to the 100yr floodplain boundary, as well as aquatic and terrestrial setbacks.

South Side of Feedmill Creek:

  • All road connections are still connected through existing residential developments, there is no direct connection to Hazeldean Road.  I am still very concerned that a development of this size has no direct connection to an arterial road and I will continue to raise this concern with City staff and the developer.
  • Townhomes are now proposed to back onto Overland Drive between Kimpton and Bandelier.  I have also advised Minto Homes that this is not acceptable and that existing detached homes need to have detached dwellings abutting their property.
  • Alignment of the east-west collector has been revised to provide a straighter connection from Kimpton to Lloydalex, which caused changes to the local road patterns. The plan now proposes to provide access through the Echowoods Subdivision and has removed the road connection to Bandelier.
  • Eliminated the back to back townhomes, there will be a mix of singles and townhomes.
  • Replaced the one (1) large park on the north side of Feedmill Creek  with two smaller parks, one on either side of the creek.
  • Identified the location of the multi-use pathway, along the south side of Feedmill Creek, that will connect the Jackson Trails and Echowoods communities.

North Side of Feedmill Creek

  • Road pattern and product type is essentially unchanged from the Original Draft Plan presented in 2014, with the exception that a future right of way connection is being provided to the vacant lands to the north.

I strongly encourage residents to provide their input on this proposed development including concerns they may have with the revised plans.  Please be assured that I will continue to represent the interests of Stittsville residents and in particular the residents in Jackson Trails and Echowoods subdivisions.  I want to ensure that this development can provide a great new community to Stittsville while ensuring existing communities are given the upmost consideration.

Please attend the Public Meeting on November 4 and you may also provide your comments to myself and City Planner, Patricia McCann-MacMillan at or 613-580-2424 x13799.

For more information on this development including a PDF version of the revised plan please visit my website here.



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