Stittsville Business Association supports local – 3 new businesses receive welcome plaques

(The Stittsville Business Association plaque welcoming new businesses to the Stittsville community. Photos: Stittsville Central)

The Stittsville Business Association (SBA) recently brought a new initiative into play – welcoming new businesses to Stittsville. The SBA has reinstated a program that the former Goulbourn Township Council (prior to amalgamation) had in place to welcome businesses that had located in Stittsville, with each new business being presented with a plaque.

This past week, the SBA was honoured to present plaques to three Stittsville new businesses – Honey Coffee Shop; Benny&Co.; and The Royal Oak.

(SBA President, Allan Ryan, presents a welcome plaque to Frederic Faubert, Manager at Benny&Co. along with Eduardo Andrade, a SBA member.)
(Another plaque was presented to the folks at The Royal Oak, Bree and Justin, by Allan Ryan and Eduardo Andrade.)
(Megan at the Honey Coffee Shop was also presented with a welcome plaque from SBA President Allan Ryan and Wesley Smith, Past-President of SBA.)

The plaques have been well-received. With further businesses on their list, the SBA will be busy making these plaque presentations. The plaques are locally made by Dave White at Momemtos Sign Awards and Promotions on Carp Road.

Allan Ryan, President of the SBA, told Stittsville Central, “this is a win-win for businesses as the SBA supports Momentos to create the plaque, while recognizing the new businesses to our community – local businesses supporting each other“.

Now that the new SBA signage is finally in place at the entrances to Stittsville, the SBA has other exciting projects coming up for Stittsville and the business community. One, in particular, will be the hanging of banners from the lamp posts along Stittsville Main Street. Stittsville businesses will have their names displayed while promoting the SBA on each banner. This project will be coming next Spring. They have also reduced membership fees to $200 annually to encourage local businesses to join the Association bringing a stronger voice to the business community in Stittsville.


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