Strategies for Sleep: virtual sessions with Yoga tools for life

There are many situations that influence your sleep patterns. Insomnia is highly prevalent and affects approximately 30% of the general population. Jody Ryan, of Stittsville’s ‘Yoga tools for life’, wants to assist people with their sleep patterns offering virtual sessions starting on February 16, 2021.

Jody is currently in the midst of becoming a ‘Certified’ Yoga Therapist. She has helped many Stittsville residents with chronic or persistent pain in her profession as a Certified Pain Care Yoga Teacher and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500).

Jody told us, “I most often work to support people living with chronic pain, and there is a often cross-over with secondary health challenges like anxiety, depression, digestive issues, IBS, etc. At least 50% of people living with chronic pain also have sleep issues“.

She went on to say she wants to, “provide participants with practices, tools, resources, some research, on what we know about sleep” to assist with regaining natural sleep patterns to achieve that ‘good night’s sleep’.

Jody plans to begin her session with a 10 or 15 minute presentation covering topics such as – the nervous system; the effects of stress on sleep; your activities during the day and night times; the benefits of deep rest; and, general sleep hygiene. Following this, 30 minutes filled with safe, soft, gentle movement and other unique practices to shift your state from what may be an activated response to one that is prepared to rest. After this, a quite time follows so you can notice how you feel after the practices. Jody will end each session with the opportunity to chat and ask questions. But then again, sleep and bed may be a requisite!

There is no special equipment required – no need to have your camera on or even watch the screen,” says Jody. Join in wearing PJs if you wish, “just be comfortable and have a few cushions or a blanket and sit back, listen in and learn what might be just right for you,” adds Jody.

The sessions begin on February 16, 2021 at 7:30 pm. To learn more and to register, you can find the information at this link Yoga tools for life. Should you wish to participate – have questions, or budget constraints may be an issue – Jody wants to make this affordable and accessible for all and asks that you send an email.


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