VIDEO: “Mailbox bandit” making the rounds in Fairwinds

Fairwinds mailbox bandit

A couple of residents got in touch with today to share a video that they say shows a man checking mailboxes in the Fairwinds area in the middle of the night. Residents believe he’s either looking for parcels or for house keys.  The video was shot on a security camera at a house in the Brigatine/Khamsin area behind the Food Basics.

We’re told that the video has been shared with police, but anyone with further information can contact the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222.

We’ve removed the video at the request of the homeowner. The short clip shows a man wearing a baseball cap opening a mailbox, running his hand along inside it, and then leaving.



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  1. It’s probably your Ottawa Citizen paper delivery person looking for his “Christmas” tip. This time of year is the only time we get our newspaper left in the mailbox until we leave him his tip.

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