How is Rogers cell phone coverage in your neighbourhood?

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We’ve heard a lot of complaints from Rogers Wireless customers in Stittsville about poor cell phone reception in our community. We’ve put a call in to the media relations team at Rogers to ask them about the issue.

In the meantime, we’d like to get a better idea of where the problem spots are in Stittsville.   If you are a Rogers Wireless customer, please tag the map below and let us know how cell phone coverage is in your area.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Zoom in and navigate on the map until you find your location
  • Click on the large “+” sign in the upper-right
  • Under “Entry Name”, write a short description of your coverage “good coverage, bad coverage, etc”
  • Click on the “Click on a map location” button, and click your location on the map
  • Choose a marker colour – red for bad reception, green for good reception, yellow for so-so receiption
  • Click on “Submit”
  • That’s it.

(And if you can’t get it to work, send us a note at with your location and coverage info, and we’ll add it for you.)



10 thoughts on “How is Rogers cell phone coverage in your neighbourhood?”

  1. I used to use Rogers for my internet wireless service but gave them up as unreliable and unresponsive. I still use them for cell phone coverage but it is barely useable at home.

    1. We have the same issues as Richard. Our wireless is on and off and most people can’t hear me on the cell phone when I am in the house.
      We will be looking for alternatives as I work from home occasionally and the frequency of the wireless falling is very frustrating to say the least.

  2. I must say that no having a secure connection can be a safety issue for any 911 related calls like house fire or ambulance calls. I, myself is a Bell subscriber and i’m benefiting from a 4G signal.

  3. Our cell phones work quite poorly in Crossing Bridge. We’re looking into options of cancelling our two(2) rogers cell phones.

    My son has a brand new Samsung cell phone. His signal strength is often at 0 or 1 bar. Once in a while he gets 2 bars. I have called his cell phone from our home and work land lines, and the reception is consistently poor. My daughter’s IPhone is similar in signal strength.

  4. I’ve been on rogers for a number of years now and it’s just unbelievably crappy! I live in old stittsville and in my neiborhood the service isn’t just bad, its practically not there. Its not like I only get one bar and have to walk around the house to get it, often times their is no bars no matter where I stand, out on the street, upstairs, no where . I believe my family is leaving rogers in the near future unless something is being done about this which has been the story for years but nothings actually happening.

  5. I’m in Edmonton and live in a basement suite, the coverage on my Rogers phone is zero, maybe 1 bar at best.
    My employer’s phone uses Bell and it works just fine with full bars in my basement suite.
    Some Rogers sales nitwit at the store tried to tell me it was my old flip top Nokia phone that was the problem and wanted me to upgrade.
    I’m not buying that story… it’s the service provider and not the frigging phone that’s the problem

  6. Amethyst Crescent Granite Ridge mostly hit and miss at 1 or 2 bars reception. Rogers needs more towers or antennas on competitor towers to expand coverage. It seems that Rogers has an antenna on the tower behind stittsville arena (shared tower), so I suspect Crossing bridge must be better now. Only other antennae are at Shea and Fernbank, and on Carp just North of 417. But nothing in the East end of Stittsville, so reception in Granite Ridge is poor.

  7. Tv at granite ridge is unbelievable??????!!!!!!!!! One channel CTV 2….channel 5….today, Sunday, June 13, the program was from last Friday….cable does not work on Smart TVs….no wifi????!!!! Charging for connecting and monthly bill…. how sad Rogers that you are taking advantage of our vulnerable seniors.

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